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How often has it been said " technical skills get you the job and soft skills help you retain it ".

Today, we are judged by not just how knowledgeable (IQ) we are, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other (EQ).

Soft skills cover the entire gamut of our attitudinal and behavioral characteristics. These can be listed out as just two or be broken down into possibly a hundred skills.

ELAN’s soft skills trainings are designed to complement individual’s technical skills to forge an effective combination. Our carefully structured modules can be customized to meet the varied requirements of different organizations, environments and individuals. We cater to self development modules, leadership requirements/ essentials, job seekers, entrepreneurs, NGOs. Our modules are designed to empower minds, ignite confidence, develop a more inclusive attitude, and address fundamental concerns of personal and professional management.





Whatever you are…be a good one… - Abraham Lincoln