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Leaders today are required to be self-driven, dynamic go getters for the business and also be compassionate and empathetic towards an individual's needs and aspirations. They have to be very conscious of the diversity of the workplace, organizational goals, social and environmental commitments of the business, and work towards inclusive growth.

  Executive & Life Coaching

Our life is a result of our decisions and not the conditions or environment. The way we look at life dictates our decisions. Why do we often perceive things not going our way? So often, we are burdened with the feeling of persecution and inadequacy. We seek clarity on who we are, what we are capable of and we want to make of our life.

  HR,Organisational Behaviour & Development

Human beings are complex and diverse, thereby limiting our ability to generalize their reactions and attitudes. Organization Behavior is the study of the impact that individuals, groups and organizational structure have on behavior within the organization.


We provide expertly designed, exciting outdoor training programs that allow participants to learn, understand and experience management related situations. These programs are customized and conducted in safe conditions, under the supervision of trained personnel, at our tented campsite in serene lush green surroundings near Pune.


The professional world can quite overwhelm the average student. With limited opportunities on offer and abundance qualified candidates, getting a toe hold in the job market can be quite an awesome and overwhelming experience for most youngsters.

  Soft skills

How often has it been said “technical skills get you the job and soft skills help you retain it”. Today, we are judged by not just how knowledgeable (IQ) we are but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other (EQ). Soft skills cover the entire gamut of our attitudinal and behavioral characteristics. These can be listed out as just two or be broken down into possibly a hundred skills.






"ELAN's approach is very practical and realistic. Under the guidance of BS, they have the ability to enable participants to accomplish more in one session that what they would have achieved over many years"

Shankar Salkar
General Manager (Operations)
Firepro Systems Pvt Ltd


"ELAN analyzes learner needs and designs and delivers excellent programs. BS and his team are very committed and provide value for money"

Anil Eapen
Al Futtaim Retail, Dubai


"BS is gifted with rare insight that identifies Training and Leadership Development gaps and focuses on creation of tailor made modules. His team building efforts provide the desired competitive edge"

Samir Chaubal
Chief Security Officer
Bajaj Auto


"ELAN has a knack of accurately grasping clients training requirements and capability to design effective customised modules. BS is an excellent facilitator and coach,and has a fine team of trainers"

Vijay Nair
Reliance Digital Retail


"As a mentor and Life Coach, BS has helped me regain clarity and purpose, connect with and rediscover myself he is very patient, thoughtful and genuine towards his client "

Shailly Kapoor
Executive Manager
(Alumni Relations)


"I worked very closely with BS Rao at Motif. BS was involved mentoring me in my new role. With his vast experience in people management, he is one of the best mentors I have come across in my career. I observed him to be a people's person, with a flair for hiring, training and coaching "

Kushal Shah
Head Sourcing Analytics
AON Plc.




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